More—Re is a boutique Real Estate agency.

More Real Estate was founded to keep pace with changes that social media and technology has facilitated – embracing the new whilst enhancing personal client care focus.

A family business with a result driven mindset focussed on client/customer property needs. Providing sellers with exceptional service and fresh marketing ideas; also choosing through efficiencies, to provide a more realistic fee structure – giving back to those that support us directly. Our forte of tracking down properties to suit our buyers is legendary.

High Performance Real Estate


More — Team

Peter Tong
Peter Tong
Director | Licensed Agent

Peter co-founded & designed More-Re due to his passion for leading real estate into a new era, ensuring his clients are aware and benefit from the best possible real estate packages & technologies available.

Not restricted by inflexibility and with a focus second to none, Peter achieves high performance results for his clients. This drive is inspired solely to give back to his clients and his super team of like-minded, visionary, energetic sales agents. Peter’s vision is to make a lasting difference to those that decide to get (jump) on the bus.

Peter is lucky enough to have a cabinet full of awards and trophies from the past 15 years in real estate. However, his motto is – “You are only as good as your tomorrow’s performance for your clients”.

Passion – Expertise – Integrity – Results

Wendy Tong
Wendy Tong
Licensed Property Consultant

Enthusiastic, hardworking, compassionate.

Wendy’s past clients enjoy her attention to detail, supportive approach and ability to dispel tension out and make it fun.

She knows that buying or selling real estate can be a little daunting, you don’t do it every day. Wendy is about looking after you as you go through one of life’s most challenging times, it can also be rewarding.

Working with More-Re, keen to show the difference, we get it that it really is about you. More of what you need, more of what you want

Her goal: The best outcome for you and those on the ride with you.

Jason Tong
Jason Tong
Licensed Property Consultant

Jason was brought up surrounded by real estate. It now pumps through his veins. He has worked in the property industry for several years and has no doubt he will be in it for life – his focus is always on your success and improving your deal.

Jason has always had a creative edge. He is More-Re’s designated photographer and videographer. He is his own biggest critic, but he counts that as a quality of his and a benefit to his customers and clients.

An awareness advocate and supporter of those folk with Alopecia – Jason wears his hat with pride.

Do not underestimate Jason, due to being one of the youngest agents in town.  He is young. He is energetic.  He is with the times.



Lily Hooker
Lily Hooker
Licensed Property Consultant

Conscientious – Dedicated – Energetic

6 years of retail sales, building connections and being trusted to get the job done.

Lily was handpicked to be a part of the More-Re sales team because of her skilled level of service and connection to people. Lily has a reputation of being the go-to for exceeding client expectations. Lily does everything with authenticity and fun.

Think: Passion, Collaboration and ­Ambition.

Her gracious demeanour will instantly make you feel at ease. So, look out for her smile and say Hello – Bet she’ll say it first.